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General Questions

The lithium iron phosphate battery refers to a lithium ion battery that uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as a positive electrode material.

The use of lithium iron phosphate battery means, even after 3,500 cycles of charge and discharge, it can still maintain more than 85% of the initial capacity. Besides, it's about 6 times more durable than the average battery, with better safety, longer life, higher temperature resistance, and lower cost.

The full name of BMS is Battery Management System.

It is used for real-time monitoring of battery parameters, fault diagnosis, short-circuit protection, leakage monitoring, display and alarm, and charging and discharge mode selection. The highest level of safety can be achieved by using BMS, which is also used for electric vehicles. With overvoltage/undervoltage protection, overheat/low temperature protection, overload protection, short circuit protection and other protection functions, even beginners can be assured to use.

UPS is uninterruptible power supply, which is an uninterruptible power supply with energy storage device. It is mainly used to provide uninterrupted power supply to some devices that require high power stability.

UPS function avoids the inconvenience and loss caused by power outages. On the other hand, the use of UPS power system can provide stable voltage power supply for the user's devices, ensuring the normal operation of the devices and extending their service life.

Pure Sine Wave is a waveform of alternating current (AC current) that is drawn as a regularly periodic and smooth curve with equal voltage amplitude and constant spacing between waves.

Which allows you to use all the household appliances or electrical tools without any hassle, just like you are using an outlet at home. Moreover, featuring low noise spares you need to worry about imposing loads on sophisticated equipment or shortening the life of appliances.

Portable Power Stations

There are 4 ways to charge.(AC + solar charging, AC charging, solar charing, and car charging.)

Yes. Besides AFERIY solar panels, they are also compatible with other solar panles on the market. But please note that the maximum input of the solar panel cannot exceed 500W.

Yes, you can charge AFERIY portable power station simultaneously via solar panels and AC. Besides, in this way the charging speed can be greatly boosted.

AFERIY portable power station uses lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4). It has more than 3500 charge cycles.

Yes. Support UPS uninterruptible power supply function

The AC port output of AFERIY portable power station is pure sine wave

Yes. AFERIY portable power station can be used both indoors and outdoors, but keep in mind that to avoid rain and sun exposure. It supports power cable charging and solar charging mode, suitable for different indoor and outdoor scenarios. It's not only great as home emergency backup power, but an excellent power solution for outdoor camping, RV overnight, outdoor photography, etc.

AC output voltage and frequency standards vary in different countries. Please check the AC voltage of the device before use. Here's how:

(1) Quickly and continuously press the AC button for 10 times to switch the AC output voltage to 100V or 110V.

AC output voltage and frequency standards vary in different countries. Please check the frequency of the device before use. Here's how:

(1) Press and hold the AC button for 2 seconds to enter the standby frequency change mode, and the 50Hz or 60Hz icon will blink on the display.

(2) Press the AC button again to select 50Hz or 60HZ.

(3) The icon stops blinking and displays 50 or 60Hz. The switch is done.

In addition to PSE certification, we have also obtained international safety standard UL, CE, FCC, RoHS, TELEC certification, and so on.

Portable Solar Generators

Yes, a battery is required for a solar generator to store the electricity generated by the solar panels. The battery enables the solar generator to supply power during the night or on cloudy days, and the size and capacity of the battery determine how long it can provide power. Therefore, the battery is a critical component, and it's important to choose one with sufficient capacity to meet your power needs. AFERIY 2001A is a good choice.

Yes, AFERIY solar generators are usually user-friendly and come with easy-to-follow instructions. To use one of these, you will need to charge it using a solar panel or AC power outlet and then connect your device to the generator's socket. However, ease of use varies from model to model, so be sure to read the instructions carefully and follow them for safe and effective use.

The lifespan of a portable solar generator will depend on several factors, including the quality of the battery, the frequency of use, and the level of maintenance. Typically, AFERIY LiFePO4 high-quality portable solar generator can last over 10 years with proper care and maintenance.

Yes, a portable solar generator can be used indoors, but it must be charged using solar panels placed outside or in a location with access to sunlight. The generator itself can be used to power various electronics and appliances indoors.

The cost of a portable solar generator will vary depending on the brand, capacity, and features. AFERIY Entry-level models can cost as little as $100, while high-end models with large capacities can cost upwards of $3,000.

The number of solar panels needed to charge a portable solar generator will depend on the capacity of the generator and the output of the solar panels. Typically, a portable solar generator can be charged using one or two solar panels, but additional panels may be needed for faster charging.

A portable power station is typically smaller, lighter, and quieter than a generator. It is also easier to use and requires less maintenance. However, it may not provide as much power as a generator and may not be suitable for powering larger appliances or equipment. Additionally, a portable power station is typically powered by batteries, while a generator is typically powered by gasoline or propane.

Most airlines allow portable power stations to be brought on board as carry-on luggage, as long as they are below a certain capacity and meet specific safety requirements. However, it is always better to check with the airline before traveling to ensure compliance with their regulations.

Portable Solar Panels

Portable solar panels are lightweight, compact solar panels that can be easily carried and transported, allowing you to harness the power of sun to charge your devices or power your appliances while on the go.

Portable solar panels work by converting the sun's energy into electricity through photovoltaic cells. The energy is stored in a battery or used immediately to power your devices.

Portable solar panels provide a sustainable and renewable energy source that is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. They are also ideal for outdoor activities, camping, hiking, and emergencies where access to traditional power sources may be limited.

You can power a variety of devices with portable solar panels, including smartphones, laptops, cameras, lights, fans, and small appliances.

The right size portable solar panel depends on your power needs and the devices you plan to charge or power. You should consider the wattage of the panel, the size and weight, and the availability of sunlight in your area.

To maintain your portable solar panel, you should keep it clean and free of debris. Use a soft cloth or brush to remove any dirt or dust. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can damage the panel's surface.

Most portable solar panels are weather-resistant and can withstand rain, snow, and wind.

Portable solar panels are designed for outdoor use and require direct sunlight to function. However, some models come with a built-in battery that can store energy for use indoors.

Electricity production continues even on cloudy days and during winter, despite the fact that the sun's maximum efficiency is achieved when it's shining.

The cost of portable solar panels varies depending on the size, quality, and features. AFERIY Entry-level models can cost as little as $300, while high-end models can cost several hundred dollars.

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