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Can I Use a Portable Power Station While Charging It?

by Aferiy Blog 20 Feb 2023 0 Comments

The popularity of portable power stations continues to grow as folks realize how helpful these devices can be in off-grid and some emergency situations. They are an eco-friendly energy solution that can store a huge amount of electricity for backup, and also play a vital role in household and outdoor adventures.

Many might be wondering if they can use a portable power supply while charging it. In this article, we're not going to give a direct answer, but discuss the factors determining whether it can be used to run devices while charging and what you can expect if you do so.

Can I Use a Portable Power Stations While It's Charging?

The following are the key factors deciding if you can use a portable power station whilst it's being recharged.

Instruction manual
Since there isn't a universal instruction regarding charging a battery-powered generator while using it, it's necessary to check the user manual of each device. Some explicitly prohibit use while charging. Some allow on the basis of certain conditions. In a word, just follow what the instruction manual gives to ensure the safety during use.

Specific prohibitions
When the manufacturer expressly forbids use when the portable battery generator is charging, you're disallowed to charge it and use it to run electrical gadgets at the same time. The prohibitions are either included in the user manual or on the online marketplace where these products are for sale.


What to Expect When Using a Power Station While It's Charging?

Under some circumstances we do need to keep certain electronic devices running while the backup power station is charging (after making sure it is safe to do so). But powering up things while charging can literally cause some issues. Here are the matters you should take into account.

Demand exceeds supply
If you have to use a portable power station as it is charging, one of the issues you can come across is that demand may exceed supply. Therefore, you should avoid powering up refrigerator, microwave and other power-hungry appliances. Running only essential energy-saving appliances is a good rule of thumb since in this way you can ensure these appliances can stay up and operational for a longer time.


Longer charging time
A portable power station takes hours to get fully charged, especially when you own a large capacity station. When you're powering up electrical devices with it while it's charging, the remaining power stored in the battery is being depleted, which means you'll have to wait longer until the station's charged to full capacity. But this won't be an issue if you only use it to run devices in emergencies or just for a short while.

Excessive heating
Generally, portable charging stations will heat up during use. This issue can even get worse when you use the station while it's charging. In some cases, you can even push it into the risk of overheating, which is likely to cause damage to the internal components in the long run, and eventually shorten its lifespan.



Whether to use a portable power station or not when charging it depends upon a variety of factors. If your power station isn't high-quality enough to not affect the charging process, leaving it aside for hours until it's fully charged is probably the best option.

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